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Building your new Albuquerque and  Rio Rancho NM home allows you to tailor your home to your current needs and your personal taste.  That’s what’s great about building a home.  You can dream big and your options are unlimited.  But what if you budget isn’t?  How do you choose the best upgrades and stay within your budget?

Kitchen Cabinets: Your kitchen is where you and your family spend most of your time so you want it to be functional, durable and a room that you enjoy.  Upgrading your cabinets gives you better construction and longer lasting finishes.  Buy premium hinges and draw slides – they will stand abuse for many years.

Flooring:  Choose wool carpeting.  It will stand up to traffic, looks great and maintains its good looks. Also, there is a wider

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Do you want your home marketed in 3D? Call us today at (505) 923-4691.  Best viewing experience in Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

The goal of real estate marketing is to stand out from the crowd. There is always a better way. Our Team NMWelcomeHome is offering 3D on all homes listed with us.

More information on this property here.

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We can help you Zillow Trulia NMWelcomeHomeWe helped 124 families achieve their goal of buying or selling a home in 2014. The reviews prove that The NMWelcomeHome Real Estate Team can help you...

How can we help you achieve your buying or selling goals in 2015?

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Hire Movers or Go DIYThere are a zillion and one decisions to be made when you move. Do it yourself or pay for full-service movers to come in, pack up all your belongings and ship them to your new home?

It may surprise you, though, to know that there is a broad spectrum of choices that you can mix and match. Ultimately, your decision boils down to the classic tradeoff: spend your money or spend your time.

It can be expensive to move – So go through your home room by room and get rid of unfinished projects, broken and long-unused furniture, exercise equipment, books, toys, clothes and odds and ends you can’t relinquish. Ask you self, do I really need this.

My suggestions when deciding:

  • Start early
  • Shop for a mover (be wary of scams)
  • Avoid online bids or
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This could mean that you could have an error on your credit report that could affect your credit score.  This may cause you to NOT get a favorable interest rate on a mortgage loan, car loan or insurance. This could also affect job opportunities. 

It is important to check your credit report for errors at least once a year and more importantly before you start shopping for a home and applying for a loan/credit.  I would suggest you check your credit report 3 months prior to applying for credit as this would give you time to correct any inaccuracies. Disputes take time so its best to have as much time as possible to correct. You do not want the stress of trying to fix these items when in the process of buying a home.

Once a year you can order a FREE

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-Grammar and middle schools are within walking distance. High school is a bit farther. 
-This is a bedroom community, so it is very quiet during the day - low traffic. 
-Neighbors on both sides are home during the day and are very quiet. Mostly keep to themselves. Never any trouble. Keep their homes very neat. 
-There is a neighborhood watch provided by the Home Owners Association, this has kept area crime low. The neighborhood association maintains a community center and swimming pool for members and family. 
-Easy walking distance to regional park, restaurants, hair salon, barber shop, pharmacy, convenience store and post office. 
-Yard is easy maintenance with desert plantings and automatic drip system throughout. Back yard features shade trees, established

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Smart Homes Albuquerque and Rio RanchoTechnology is making every day life more convenient. Mobile phones can do more than ever before with information just a Google search away. Now with your same cell phone and internet connected home your refrigerator will text you to tell you its time to stop to get more milk and your washing machine will let you know when your laundry is done.

Buyers today in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho market are now turning their attention to smart home features, security being top of their list. Sellers if you are looking to upgrade smart home features may be the way to go.

Which smart home feature is most important to you? Surveyed consumers spoke and the results are below.

  • Security (65 percent)
  • Temperature control (57 percent)
  • Safety (48
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Are you wanting to save on the cost to heat and cool your Albuquerque or Rio Rancho Home? You may consider 'going green'. There are many more options now to buy a green home. New construction now builds all homes with green features.

Search for those green homes here and give us a call at (505) 259-3150 Green Homes For Sale

The Cost Benefits Of Tankless Water Heaters Infographic   Search Green Homes Now
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Additional -location is convenient to freeway, easy access to airport, downtown, uptown areas.
-neighborhood is quiet.
-near petroglyphs, neighborhood park near by
-neighbors are friendly, lots of longtime owners.
-the night sky in our area is beautiful.
-neighborhood is safe, never experienced any crime.
-a peaceful, suburban lifestyle, with convenient access to the city.
-one of the few homes in my neighborhood with grass in front yard.
-living area, dining and kitchen open and inviting.
-lots of windows and natural lighting
-vaulted ceiling makes the living/dining area look large and open.
-backyard is larger than most, with lots of possibilities
-large master bedroom.
-nice size open kitchen, in a smaller home.
-lots of mature trees in the

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