If you like to eat, shop, garden and entertainment plan on attending this years Local Food Festival and Field Day.  You can support and sample local restaurants, shop local growers, learn some gardening tips and listen to live music.

Free! So bring the whole family and enjoy the a day of fun...

Sunday June 6th,
11 am to 4 pm,
at the Historic Gutierrez-Hubbell House and Demonstration Farm.  (map)


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By now most have heard what a short sale* is, know that it can sell for less than what is owed and possibly less than market value.  So how does this effect your home value?

Well it doesn’t…unless it becomes a large part of the market sales in your area. Only then will it have to be considered in determining market value for your home.  For example if there was maybe one or two short sale homes out of 10 sold in the last month, then the market valuation would not consider these sale types as good comparable** properties to your home.  If 4 or 5 homes that sold in the last month were short sales that would represent a large share of the market and would weigh in on determining market value for your home.

I don’t know the formula, stats or information…

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Wells Fargo

I recently sat down with Danielle Duran from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage here in Albuquerque NM who gave me the requirements for this loan program...I was so impressed and excited to tell you all about it.  Below is a general outline of the program.  You still must qualify through income, credit etc but can be a great option to add  new appliances to a foreclosure home or new carpet, paint and roll it all into the loan. 

The Purchase and Renovate Wells Fargo program provides financing that enables you to immediately turn the house you just bought into the home always wanted.  Add a bath, cook up a new kicthen, repair, renovate or extend - all with a single loan at attractive first mortgage rates.  As long as you qualify the loan can be used…

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