Have you driven by a home and wonder what it is listed for or any of the details such as listing price, square footage etc. Now while you are driving through neighborhoods you like you can have all that information at your finger tips.

NMWelcomeHome.com is now mobile. On your cell phones browser (smart phone) you can easily access any Active Listing immediately. Visit NMWelcomeHome.Mobi. To help you understand this better I have created a short video to give you an example and instructions.

Remember on your cell phones browser visit NMWelcomeHome.Mobi

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Xeriscaping vs. Zero-scapingMany people confuse xeriscaping with "zero-scaping." While both of these landscapes use less water than the traditional, turf-dominated approach, they are totally different in appearance and appeal.
 Xeriscaping is lush and beautiful. Zero-scaping tends to be hot and less interesting.
 Xeriscaping uses a wide variety of water-efficient plants to creat an oasis-like feeling. Zero-scaping uses lots of rocks and usually a juniper or yucca.
 Xeriscaping makes an area colorful and inviting. For New Mexico, it's a water-smart and attractive way to landscape.


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I am part of the Program 3648 nationwide intiative to help homeowners. If you are at least 30 days behind on your mortgage, then this may be for you.

Our mission is to:

1. Help homeowners receive the mortgage debt foregiveness that this new law encourages.

2. Rescue as many homeowners from public foreclosure as possible.

3. Learn about options to avoid foreclosure.

You'll be pleased to know that under Program 3648:

1. You receive services, consultation, and information absolutely FREE. Guaranteed!

2. We do all the work for you.

Please find out all your options before its to late. Remember free no obligation consultation to learn your options.

Carlos Martinez 505-350-8184


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Interest Rate Adjustment - Mortgage$aver, Mortgage$aver Zero and Mortgage$aver Plus Program

Interest Rate Adjustment

Due to positive market conditions, MFA is decreasing the interest rate on the Mortgage$aver program to the following:

   Current Interest Rate  New Interest Rate
 Mortgage$aver  4.375%  4.00%
 Mortgag$aver Zero  4.875%  4.625%
 Mortgage$aver Plus  5.25%  5.00%

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