Thinking about buying a home but concerned about your monthly mortgage payment? You might consider owning a multi-unit property. Most mortgage loans allow a borrower to own up to a 4 unit multi-family home and still take advantage of the lower down payment, 2nd home buyer programs or first time home buyer programs.  With the option to live in one and rent the others, it's possible that you could zero out your monthly mortgage payment. This not only makes it a great opportunity to reduce your cost to live but also sets you up for a future investment and an addition to your portfolio. 

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The NMWelcomeHome Team is devoted to helping clients with possibly the biggest financial decision they may make in their lifetime. We aim to be a small, close knit, high producing team that focuses on customer care and showing value when buying or selling a home. Our goal is to constantly grow where our agents can create a sustainable and consistent business.

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