Agent: This is a hot property, there are multiple offers on it.

Buyer: Multiple offers! I don't want to get involved in that, let's go find another home.

Agent: I understand however this home meets 8 out of your 10 features that you want in a home. It's worth trying...

This conversation has been had many times over in the past 6 months and with good reason. Inventory is down and there are many buyers looking to buy a home. So how do you win in this real estate market? There are a few options and I will list them below.

First If you see a home you like, call your agent immediately and schedule a showing! And if you love it you should make your offer as strong as possible. This means weighing all the options, working with your agent to review…

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Click here to download the complete April 2019 Local Market Snapshot reports, presented by zip code and MLS area.

Highlights (the highlights are a comparison between April 2018 and April 2019)

  • The median detached home price rose 3.3 percent to $216,000
  • The average detached home price rose 6.2 percent to $259,974
  • Overall inventory of detached homes for sale decreased  27.7  percent to 2,153
  • The number of closed sales for detached homes increased 4.1 percent to 1,127
  • The number of detached homes going under contract rose 18.8  percent to 1,390

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Put us to work! We would love to help you with your home sale or purchase and will work hard to make the process as easy as possible.

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NM Welcome Home Team experience was great! From the knowledge and expertise of our realtor Johnathan Tenorio, we were able to have a successful negotiation and get our dream home. The office staff (Renee Gomez) and the client portal kept us on task for each and every detail from the very beginning through closing. It was a pleasant experience. We will definitely recommend the NM Welcome Home Team to family and friends." lorraineotero29.

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