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Are you interested in discovering effective methods to increase your wealth through real estate, business ownership, and investing?

Figuring out where to begin has been a personal struggle for me ever since I entered the real estate industry in 2004. While I've managed to run a successful real estate business for many years, invest in various property types, and flip nearly 60 properties, there has always been something that eluded me. How do entrepreneurs effortlessly invest in businesses and effortlessly buy, hold, or flip numerous properties? How do they manage to minimize their tax obligations to zero? What steps must I take or knowledge must I acquire to emulate their success?

Then, something remarkable occurred! Juan Urioste (Team Leader) and Nick Armstrong (MCA) extended an invitation for me to join them at the Family Reunion. Having been a part of KW and the real estate business since 2004, I've witnessed numerous trainings come and go over the years. While I did attend some sporadically, I never fully committed myself. However, this time, I decided to accept the invitation and attend the annual Family Reunion Keller Williams Training, and it completely transformed my perspective.

During a breakout session dedicated to various investment strategies, I was introduced to a wide range of options, including RV parks, mobile home parks, real estate, and other businesses. The possibilities I encountered in that session ignited a fire within me. Right then and there, I made up my mind to wholeheartedly invest in the education they were offering and promptly joined their group.

Upon returning from the trip, I dedicated two weeks of my time, four hours each day, to crafting my wealth plan using the tools provided by KW Wealth. At times, the process felt overwhelming, but I persisted. It's an ongoing endeavor, and I've learned to exercise great patience throughout this journey towards wealth, as I now understand that it is a steady, long-term pursuit.

With that being said, I have established a wealth club where individuals who are committed to creating or improving their wealth plans, learning investment strategies, systematizing wealth management, and analyzing deals are welcome to join. This process will be broken down into manageable steps to avoid overwhelming participants.

Location: Keller Williams Realty 6240 Riverside Plaza Ln NW Suite 100 87120 - Training Room

Date: Friday June 16th, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM

If you would like more information and to attend please use the contact form below.

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