As we hear more and more about mounting student debt and scrambling to find a solution that will help people 'get out from under it' we get hit with yet another obstacle for those trying to obtain a mortgage with student debt.

FHA mortgages are the most common mortgage obtained because they have the lowest down payment and credit score required. This is a federally backed mortgage and has the most flexibility for borrowers. FHA allowed student debt payments that were deferred 12 months or more to be excluded from their their debt-to-income ratio and therefore would allow them to qualify rather than be denied for high debt.

FHA has recently changed that rule and now includes deferred student loan debt into their debt-to-income calculation to the tune…

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When you buy a home from us we will do a full Buyer Consultation and Presentation on what we have to offer. You will receive an education in buying a home which includes your home loan, market conditions, our role as a consultant and not a sales person, making an offer, new homes, for sale by owner, the Purchase Contract, inspections, home warranty, appraisal, closing costs and much much more.

We will dig deep on what your needs and wants are in your new home and use our skills to find what you are looking for. Our Buyer Specialist view 100's of homes per week combined and are very familiar with inventory, neighborhoods and market conditions.

All my services are free to you as the seller pays my commission.

After finding your perfect home we use…

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